Forced air Direct fired commercial space heaters


Biemmedue is a world wide leader in professional, portable heating products. Total Energy Solutions provides distribution and service for Biemmedue heating products in the United States.

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Biemmedue GA/N

157 - 385 KBtu/hr

The GA/N series from Biemmedue is a ready to go solution for areas needing a direct fired space heater. The GA/N series comes in three sizes ranging in maximum output from 157 KBtu/hr up to 385 KBtu/hr. Fueled by LP or natural gas, this direct fired forced air heater is a dependable high output solution.

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GA/N Suspended low pressure gas direct fired space heater


Biemmedue BH

170 - 341 KBtu/hr

The BH series from Biemmedue is a ready to go solution for areas needing an indirect fired space heater. The BH series comes in 2 sizes and 2 fuel configurations. Fueled by LP, natural gas or fuel oil, this indirect fired forced air heater is a dependable high output forced air space heater.

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BH Suspended indirect fired space heater

Blue Flame Stoker Commercial Boiler

Blue Flame Stoker

Commercial biomass boiler heat and steam
1.6 MBtu to 25 MBtu

Blue Flame Stoker
Introducing the Blue Flame Stoker, the revolutionary solid fuel heating system. Designed and manufactured to assure the most efficient combustion of solid fuels, while maintaining low emissions. The Blue Flame Stoker is a commercial size heating system designed to burn biomass, wood or coal.

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Blue Flame Stoker commercial boilers

Max Ox woodchip hot water boilers

MAX OX Biomass boiler

Max Ox Woodchip gasification hot water boilers

MAX OX Boilers are proudly made in the U.S.A. made in U.S.A.
MAX OX boilers The MAX OX™ is an alternative fuel heating solution engineered for the highest levels of efficiency and automation. It burns a wide variety wood based fuels. The video below shows the MAX OX burning wood pellets.

The MAX OX is equipped with sensors and microprocessors to monitor and automated the burn process. In addition to this cutting edge technology, the MAX OX is built on rock solid construction. MAX OX is pioneering the way to combining technology, quality and biomass combustion.

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Max Ox Woodchip hot water boilers


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